Meher Sultana

Lecturer of Physical Science & Ecology
+966 11 2242222 Ext: 4205
Areas of Expertise
  • Physical Science
  • Ecology
  • Chemistry for Interior Architect
  • Physics 1 (Mechanics) Physics 11( EM+ Electronics)
  • Expertise in conducting Physics and Chemistry practicals


Mrs. Meher Sultana Afshan is the lecturer of the College of Engineering and Architecture at Al Yamamah University. She is a member of the department of Mathematics and Natural sciences from 2017

Mrs. Meher has a Master degree in Science from Osmania University, India, 1995. She has a bachelor’s degree in Science with botany, zoology and chemistry been major subjects from Osmania university, India,1993.Joined Al Yamamah University since 2008, teaching Ecology, Physical science,Physics1,Physics for Architecture and Chemistry in these all year teaching male  and female undergraduate students till date and had conducted various events every semester to make concepts learnt in class easier and many more activities. To name few were Arab environment day, Go green day celebration, Recycle exhibition, save trees, World water day, save earth, save humanity. Working in this department from 2017 before joining this department was a key member for Humanities department (Liberal Arts) and coordinator of Quality committee for female faculty. Responsibilities include preparing schedule for each semester for the female faculties, arranged invigilators for Midterm and Final exams, and checked the course files for all female faculties in the department at the end of each semester. Establish Go Green club (presently known as Eco club) for students to use it as platform to aware YU campus about the importance of saving resources.

Al Yamamah university gave her opportunity to supervise team for Dubai Speaking competition organized by EEG, Group Dubai and been applauded for her performance with certificate of Appreciation and with some monetary gift. Worked for NCAAA accreditation institutional project and successfully were able to get the accreditation. Worked on assigned committees by the department with utmost dedication, completed task on time. Some of the committee had worked for Quality and Assurance committee, Curriculum development committee, and Scheduling and examination committee, Grade appeal committee, Advisor for 35-40 students. Conducted lab experiments related to the topics in the course.

 Before joining Al Yamamah University, Ms. Meher worked as a high school science teacher in Al Rowad international School, Riyadh. She served in key academic positions, teaching Biology, Chemistry and Physics for IG and SAT students, conducted related lab experiments, prepare students for mock exam. Worked as a key member for CITA accreditation. Always provide students with hands-on experiments and investigations and provide ample of opportunities to learn science concepts through multimedia materials, field trips and non-conventional teaching approach. Always took active part in the activities of the School in the general area of teaching science with new initiatives in the field.

As well, she served as Science teacher for grades 6, 7 and 8.Key responsibilities include planning, implementing, directing and maintaining the science curriculum development and implementation; served as a resource, working to ensure the assigned functions meet established objectives and requirements. Worked as a head of the science department for a period  of one year and served many important duties including coordinating with the science staff for the purpose of enhancing student achievements, meeting school objectives  and maintaining  compliance with all relevant codes and regulations.

She has about 18 years of experience in teaching. Her expertise can be summarized in the following areas:

  • Dubai Speaking competition, EEG group
  • Extracurricular activities
  • NCAAA accreditation institutional project
  • Excellent evaluation

Her research has been published in IJMETMR journals, namely ‘Environmental issues and Solutions for protection and conservation in Volume /No:2 (2015) Issue No:3 (March 2015)

On a personal note, she and her husband are proud parents of a  seventeen -year old boy (Abdul Rahman Ahmed).


Published paper

Environmental issues and solutions for protection and conservation-Volume No: 2 (2015) Issue No: 3 (March 2015) IJMETMR (International Journal & Magazine of Engineering Technology, Management and Research

Research Interests

Consequences of Global Warming (Working paper)

Honors and Awards

  • Extracurricular Activities Award, for the academic year 2017-2018, Al Yamamah University
  • Dubai speaking competition award, organized by EEG group, Dubai, 2017- Al Yamamah university
  • Outstanding performance Award, 2016, NCAA institutional project-Al Yamamah University
  • Received a memento for actively participating in Cultural and Social Society Program-Al Yamamah University, 2016.
  • Volunteering graduation ceremony Award, 2011, Al Yamamah University
  • Recognition award for supervising trip excursion –Al Rowad International School,2005
  • End of the year ceremony contribution award-Al Rowad international School, 2004-2005


Conference /Training/Workshops Attended

  1. Attended 2nd Annual Kingdom Education Innovation" conference which took place on March 6th & 7th 2017 at Rosh Rayhaan Rotana Hotel.
  2. Attended SAP Workshop at YU on digital transformation on 20th February 2017.
  3. Attended Training Workshop “Teaching Strategies for Effective learning” and Program Outcomes, Course outcomes and Assessment”-Al Yamamah University, 2 April 2017
  4. Attended Engineering Forum entitled “The Role of Engineering in Economic Transformation and Sustainable Development,
  5. Attended “YUICT forum 2018” organized by College of Engineering Department, Al Yamamah university, 4 & 5 March 2017.
  6. Attended Faculty Development Workshop on Quality and Accreditation-Al Yamamah University, Thursday,11 January 2018.
  7. Attended Faculty Professional Development workshop –Al Yamamah University, Sunday 14 January 2018.
  8. Attended workshops organized by Dr.Nawal Mujahid on ‘Arabic Speaking Classes ”-Al Yamamah University, 2014
  9. Attended training workshop on “Building Your Course reports and Strategic planning in daily work”-Al Yamamah University, 19 January 2013.
  10. Attended “ Adjusting to University Life”-Al Yamamah University, 20 Jan 2013
  11. Attended GDQAA Workshop-Al Yamama University, 24 March 2013.
  12. Attended Training workshop on Writing Course Specification and Course Reports on New Template, By Ms.Reem from KSU-Al Yamamah University, November 2 , 2013
  13. Attended Research training by KAUST, Riyadh-Al Yamamah University 2011.
  14. Attended Advanced Microsoft 2010 Training-Al Yamamah University, 2010.
  15. Attended NCAAA Training, “How to Write SESR” Al Yamamah University, 28 November 2013
  16. Attended NCAAA Training,’ How to write SSR- Al Yamamah Universiy 1 January 2014
  17. Attended workshop for Collaborative and Cooperative Learning”-Al Yamamah University, 25 March 2014.
  18. Attended Riyadh International Book Fair 2011, Riyadh Exhibition Center-Al Yamamah University, March 1 2011.
  19. Attended Advanced Microsoft Training 2011-Al Yamamah University, May 22 2011.
  20. Attended Training Workshop for –Intermediate stage 2 Physics by University of Cambridge, Internal Examination-Al Rowad International School , 3 &4 March 2004
  21. Attended Training workshop for ‘Computerized Air ticketing and Travel Management, BDPS, India 1994.


Current Teaching

  • Physics for Architecture
  • Introduction to Physical Science
  • Ecology

Undergraduate Teaching

  • Introduction to Physical Sciences
  • Chemistry for Interior Architect
  • Physics 1 (Mechanics)
  • Physics for Architecture
  • Ecology


Service and Administrative Experience

-Worked on the following committees at Al Yamamah University, from 2008 – Present.

  • Quality and Assurance Committee
  • Seminar Committee
  • Department committee
  • Creativity committee
  • Examination committee
  • Research committee
  • Grade Appeal committee
  • Scheduling committee
  • Curriculum development committee

-Organized Events/Campaign from Academic Year 2008-2019

  • Dark side of Technology
  • Nanotechnology
  • Addition to Smoking
  • GMC food
  • Addiction to Energy drinks
  • Recycled booths
  • World water day
  • Earth day celebration
  • Organized Field trip to” JOON” pet shop.

-Establish Physics Lab and conducted experiments in the lab from Academic year 2017-2018.

-Established and Supervised Eco Club/Go Green Club in the academic year 2015-2018

-Supervised teams for Dubai Speaking Competition

-Prepared Course Reports, Updated Course Specification as per NCAAA requirements.

-Prepared course file at the end of each semester for the Quality Department

-Checked course files of the Female faculties in the Liberal Arts department from Academic year 2014-2017

-Prepared Schedules for the female faculties of liberal arts department, Assigned Invigilation duties as part of Examination and Scheduling committee member.

-Worked as a member of Task force 4 for NCAAA accreditation institutional project and wrote SSR for 4.19 substandard.

-Compare course syllabus with other universities and updated courses as member of Curriculum development committee

-Took active part in activities, events, workshops, professional development training conducted by the university