Meher Sultana

Lecturer of Physical Science & Ecology
+966 11 2242222 Ext: 4205
Areas of Expertise
  • Physical Science
  • Ecology
  • Chemistry for Interior Architect
  • Physics 1 (Mechanics) Physics 11( EM+ Electronics)
  • Expertise in conducting Physics and Chemistry practicals


  • Master of Science, Osmania University, Hyderabad ..India
  • Bachelor of Science , Osmania University, Hyderabad, India


  • Faculty of Physical Science , Physics 1 & Physics 11,College of  Computer and Information System , Al Yamamah University, Riyadh.
  • Faculty of  Ecology, Humanities department, Al Yamamah University
  • Faculty of Chemistry for Interior Architect, College of Engineering and Architecture, Al Yamamah Uniiversity, Riyadh
  • High school Science teacher ,Teaching Physics & Chemistry  , Al Rowad International School
  • Science Teacher , Al Meena International School, Riyadh

Publications  and consultation Projects

  • Consequences of Global warming (In progress)
  • Journal: IJMETMR (International Journal & Magazine of Engineering Technology, Management and Research: Published paper- Environmental Issues and Solutions for Protection and Conservation: Volume/ No.:2 (2015) Issue No: 3 (March 2015) at International Journal & Magazine of Engineering Technology (IJMETMR), India