Dr. Amjad Rehman

Assistant Professor


Dr. Amjad Rehman is an Assistant Prof. in College of Business Administration Al Yamamah University Riyadh KSA. He earned PhD from Universiti Teknologi Malaysia with expertise in documents information management and security. His keen interests are in Data Mining, Health Informatics, Pattern Recognition.

Dr Amjad Rehman also served as head of Information Systems CCIS Al Yamamah University and remained an active leader in the new programs development and accreditations process of the college. Before joining Al Yamamah University, he was the head of MIS Department in CBA Sattam Abdulaziz University Alkharj KSA. He  has more than 20 years of experience in higher education in Pakistan, Malaysia, Saudi Arabia.

Additionally, he is an author of more than 100 publications in high impact journals with his master and PhD students that have attracted 3000 plus citations. Dr Amjad Rehman has already supervised and completed three PhD students and two are currently under supervision.  He is also author of a book and book chapters and IEEE Senior member. His research has been published in high quality peer-reviewed international ISI Q1 rank journals such as BMC Cancer, IEEE Access, Plos one, Artificial Intelligence Review, Journal of information science International journal of Machine Learning and Cybernetics.

Dr Amjad Rehman has secured research grants and also served the community through consultation in data mining, machine learning applications.


Rehman, A (2019) Data hiding technique in steganography for information security using number theory, Journal of Information Science (SCIE, Sage), pp. 1-12, doi.org/10.1177/0165551518816303

Rehman, A. (2019) Region Extraction and Classification of Skin Cancer: A Heterogeneous framework of Deep CNN Features Fusion and Reduction,  Journal of Medical Systems, Jul 20;43(9):289. doi: 10.1007/s10916-019-1413-3.(SCIE, Springer)

Rehman, A. (2018) Classification of acute lymphoblastic leukemia using deep learning, Microscopy Research & Technique, doi: 10.1002/jemt.23139(SCIE indexed- Wiley)

Rehman, A. (2018) Machine aided malaria parasitemia detection in Giemsa-stained thin blood smears Neural Computing and Applications, 1-16, doi:10.1007/s00521-016-2474-6  .(SCIE, Springer)

Rehman, A (2018) Detection of copy-move image forgery based on discrete cosine transform Neural Computing and Applications 30 (1), 183-192 .(SCIE, Springer)

Rehman, A (2017) Concise analysis of current text automation and watermarking approaches, Security and Communication Networks, doi. 10.1002/sec.1738 (SCIE indexed- Wiley)


Amjad Rehman (2019) Improved Video Stabilization using SIFT-Log Polar Technique for Unmanned Aerial Vehicles, 2019 International Conference on Computer and Information Sciences (2019 ICCIS) 978-1-5386-8125-1©2019 IEEE

Amjad Rehman (2019) Multi-Model Deep Neural Network based Features Extraction and Optimal Selection Approach for Skin Lesion Classification, 2019 International Conference on Computer and Information Sciences (2019 ICCIS) 978-1-5386-8125-1©2019 IEEE

Amjad Rehman, (2017). Offline touched cursive script segmentation based on pixel intensity analysis: Character segmentation based on pixel intensity analysis. 12th IEEE International Conference on Digital Information Management (ICDIM), (pp. 324-327).

Amjad Rehman, (2015), Language independent rule based classification of printed & handwritten text. In Evolving and Adaptive Intelligent Systems (EAIS), 2015 IEEE International Conference on (pp. 1-4). IEEE.



Graduate Teaching

  • Information Security
  • Big Data Mining/Analytics
  • Management Information System
  • Human Resource Information Systems
  • Advanced Databases

Undergraduate Teaching

  • Project Management
  • System Analysis and Design
  • Decision Support Systems
  • Knowledge based and Expert system
  • Databases
  • Enterprise Information Systems
  • Data Visualization


Service and Administrative Experience

Chair of Information system department CCIS Al Yamamah University Riyadh KSA

Chair of MIS Department CBA Salman Abdulaziz University Alkharj KSA

Member of Appeal Committee

Member of Admission Committee

Member of recruitment committee

Member of CCIS council

Consultant of funded project

TPC member of Conferences

Reviewer of Conferences and journals

Member Editorial board