Dr. Mayas Ahmad Taha

Assistant Professor, College of Engineering and Architecture, COEA
+966 11 2242222 Ext: 4236
Areas of Expertise
  • Architectural Design
  • Urban Design
  • Heritage Conservation


Dr. Mayas Ahmad Taha has a Ph.D. in Architecture design from Damascus University, Syria, 2017. As well, she has a Master degree in Architecture design from Aleppo University, Syria, 2012.

Her research interests include: architectural design, heritage conservation, urban design& landscape.

Before joining Al Yamamah University, Dr. Mayas was an assistant professor in architecture design at Damascus University & AL-Yarmouk privet University.

She served in administrative positions in Damascus university, such as a member in Central Affairs Engineering, and the chair of the Design Study committee at Central Affairs Engineering Damascus university. As well, she served on the Scientific Committee of the research at AL-Yarmouk university.

During her work at Damascus University she supervised many engineering projects at the university and supervised the interior design of a number of existing buildings.

She also taught at the Department of Architectural Design, in faculty of architecture &supervised under graduation students at AL- Yarmouk university, and she participated in many local and Arab workshops.

She has about 11years of experience in teaching and services that includes projects in the area of construction.

She has taught design studios at almost every level between First Year undergraduate and fourth Year graduate at Damascus University between 2010 till 2018, and she taught design studios for the fourth and fifth year graduate at AL- Yarmouk University.

Next to education and research, she always had a particular interest in development and coordination tasks with special attention to the relationship between academia and practice. She has been involved in organizing and leading many workshops, and activities where was the base for publications and for further developments in research and education. Her research has been supported in part grants from Damascus University and Aleppo College of Architecture.

During her work at Al-Yamamah University last year she taught for architectural design courses for fourth year students, landscape, architectural conservation, history of architecture, and working drawing courses.

She is currently teaching architectural, landscape design, and working drawing course, for fourth year students.

She participated in the Engineering Forum 2018-2019 research paper and lecture during the forum.

She is currently working on two papers, one submitted to a conference on Conservation of Architectural Heritage in Egypt and the other within urban planning, the two papers under review.


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  • AL- Yammamah university, YUGEN conference, "The landscape elements of university buildings in Saudi Arabia, and its impact to provide a suitable environment for its users", research paper, 2019.


Current Teaching

  • ARC 401 : Architectural Design V
  • ARC402: Landscape and city planning
  • ARC 403: Working drawings1

Taught Courses

  • ARC 411: Architectural Design VI
  • ARC 425 : Architecture Conservation.
  • ARC 203:History of Architecture I
  • IAR 404:Detailing and Specifications and Codes
  • IAR 414: Conservation, Preservation, Renovation and Restoration